Welcome to the School of Archaeology and Anthropology (SoAA) Collections at The Australian National University.

Here you can explore some of the objects from our school’s collections and read contributions about these objects written by staff, students and associates of the School of Archaeology and Anthropology. The stories shine the spotlight on the objects themselves, the tactile nature of what we study, and the touching stories of the people and places involved in their original collection. This website aims to showcase objects in our collections, tell their stories and connect our School’s researchers with the public, interested research collaborators, and local communities.

This is an ongoing project and new objects will continue to be added to the website.

This initiative was supported by the SoAA Research Strategic Themes Funding Scheme in 2020. We thank all collaborators on this project who have submitted object contributions this year.

The website organising team:

Maggie Otto – Collections Officer
Elle Grono – Research Officer
Guillaume Molle – Senior Lecturer in Pacific Archaeology

You can contact us at admin.hal@anu.edu.au